August 3, 2021

WeChat small program gate on the entrance experience promotion and game of some observations and R

in the first time after experiencing a variety of small programs, we bring you the following facts and simple interpretation for reference.

, as well as in the "discovery" Tab, also has a "small program" entrance – which is quite surprising.

December 15, 2010, Taobao "freeze off door" Ali mother discovered network, Taobao does not give the guests their hard-earned money, this is very angry, to a reasonable answer as soon as possible.

installation gold chain, when users click on the site of the Taobao link for an instant, the link will be automatically converted to Taobao guest link. After successful transaction, you will receive the corresponding Taobao commission.

and we’ve also found apps that people are already working on as a "small program" edition. But according to WeChat’s logic, the move is risky and likely to be blocked.

The game between

regression is also online shopping, with life, with the help of phpwind local portal forum spring, gold chain can rapidly occupy all the large and small sites, it seems the effect of gold chain is not a bit less than shlf1314 keyword advertising code, where the information website inside the field, I believe that Taobao will enclosure movement larger and more wide.

small program in WeChat chat page top, can be added to the desktop. But if it is placed on the page to chat, only a small program.




they define the gold chain like this:

and APP four, a small program? "

one, the entrance to small programs,


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from rise to brilliant, have never left the Ali Mama, of course is that we IT these migrant workers, the national electronic commerce Ma Yun did help people solve a lot of problems, but online shopping in just a few years, to become the national sport, but behind this brilliant credit risks, to let Taobao the mall is upset of the seemingly independent.

review, since the acquisition of Alibaba phpwind, Taobao alliance began to shift the battlefield, believe that pay attention to and use of the phpwind forum friends, know that there is a very powerful tool called Taobao off the gold chain.



in the current view, must be "group" is the first wave of small programs, the best path of communication, rather than Zhang Xiaolong said "two-dimensional code."".

tonight 0 points, has been highly anticipated "apps" official opening, tonight will be doomed to many of the Internet people are doomed to a sleepless night, tomorrow the headlines and the circle of friends, WeChat group is also generally belongs to a small program.

, and even some APP, such as public comment, spelling and so on, the small program response load speed has generally been above the native APP.


at present, the entrance to some people can not see, it may be a grayscale release, it may also have to use a few small procedures will trigger.

as well as open the loading part of the small program, you can directly trigger WeChat account authorization, but also regarded as a bright spot. users must choose login, registration, etc. before action will trigger



two, about the promotion and dissemination of small programs

this address: http://s.pcn.jc165

so our Taobao guest website need to consider the transition, Ali mom will not be transformed into Taobao development platform of investment cooperation platform, let us try to wait for


three, the experience of small programs


multi person pro test, the first open small program may be loaded slowly, but after really will experience, become very good.

In fact, Taobao

so, we later in the installation of the gold chain forum guest promotion link is futile, the door seemed to freeze the Ali Mama, is a reminder for people, but such a large range of freezing, no less than a year of Ali mother advertising newspaper sales ah. Or the wheel of progress will always need someone to sacrifice, say heavy. But imagine how Taobao customer groups in the country continue to make money online.

, but this entrance, only to accept the user before the personal experience of small procedures used, but also can not find more small programs through search. So, "WeChat doesn’t have a portal for small program distribution" is still true.

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