July 31, 2021

Baidu finally included my website

, I’ve got it, www.shalao.com. It’s been almost a month now. From the initial installation forum to a large number of problems, to content problems, to optimization problems, and then to promotion issues. Every problem has been bothering me for a long time.

installed N times, only to see the forum shows the normal operation. Many times to content editing, publishing, columns, programs, etc.. Designed many, many times. Finally have to appear to have layout section. But I personally think that the layout of the web site because of the size of the forum will be a good point, before I listen to a net friend said, you more content, more columns, as well as focus on the characteristics of columns, more people after the gradual addition of elements. This will be better and more solid, improve their website strength. I thought and thought, indeed.

The content of

is a kind of knowledge, to know how to find some unique content, suitable for the development of their own stupid network, I think this is a spoof, network characteristics, cattle B, strange, these themes. So go for information with purpose. At the same time, you should know the original content yourself. I find funny things around me. Want to do. The most popular content on the Internet, I have. Their original content, people do not have, but I have. And the content is also very quality, there must be in line with their silly Guy Network funny principle. So, slowly, a post and a post added. So far, basically every page has three pages. I don’t want to measure, I feel the quality is important. Because my network is not like other people in order to make a living and web site, I just to enrich my life, so that I know people all see my funny content.

optimization is very difficult, personally think that you should meet their own web site, but also in line with the word "online search". Personally temporarily for this grasp is not in place, so unwilling to bold comments.

promotion problem, so many things come out. At first it was like searching for a website. Who doesn’t know?. A week after the website opened, YAHOO and GOOGLE have already collected a certain number of posts. Only Baidu must have no response, I have sent an article before, talk about Baidu does not include things. So there’s not much repetition here. Make me depressed all the time. The garbage net I used to help people. Baidu in 2 weeks. The net has not been included for a month. There must be something wrong. Always looking for the answer. Think of their own content garbage, Baidu does not love. Think did not submit a web page, submitted two times. Still no result?.

last. I gave up the idea included in the search network. Better to be honest with yourself, for your hobby, do your own web site, no matter what search site. Follow for some time, did not deliberately what keywords for the web site, with the optimization site to please Baidu included. Every day is very common to update content, reply users funny information. To this day, I’m curious to look at the number of posts in a big search. I found Baidu included me. Suddenly, I was really happy. At the same time, I know quite well. Search network, not the focus of the webmaster. The emphasis should be on…

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