August 3, 2021

s online shopping a good business Why isn’t there beauty in America

guide projects like 36 large category for krypton in the Mail reported, but only in November, we reported the domestic shopping guide website, I count is four, the four also have got a good investment. Still in the stream of entrepreneurial projects, let me want to discuss with you, online shopping guide in the end is not a good business?.

maybe this wave guide is beautiful / enterprise financing have burst and hundreds of millions of dollars of valuation stimulus, Taobao may be more complex, users really need to find lower cost goods, so to start-up companies caught new opportunities, then this wave hit companies grow into big companies have the opportunity how much


in addition, the network shopping guide is the development of the electricity supplier to a certain stage after the format, and began the development of electronic commerce in the United States market earlier, the shopping site is far from home so prosperous, it also makes me really want to know the user to find lower cost love commodity demand is to be met


1. Why isn’t the U. S. market beautiful and


shopping guide is not a "sexy" business in the United States, or at least much worse than in china. Thefancy, America’s most popular shopping guide site, did not meet the impact of domestic beauty or Beautiful said that in November 2011 C round of financing after the valuation of about 150 million U. s.dollars, C round of financing 20 million U. s.dollars, its investment blue Chi venture, Sequoia Capital and Jiyuan capital is the star venture company. Beautiful said the rival announced at the end of October C round of financing news, rumors of financing after the valuation of $200 million, the cumulative amount of financing $50 million, the investor has Zhao letter capital, Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, Qiming venture partners and IDG. As far as I know, the two families are close to 3 million UV per day.

in my opinion through a variety of ways to focus, we are on the Sino US network shopping guide industry differences are quite common, but the reasons for this phenomenon have different views. I list a couple of possible factors:

1, industry environment is different:

in American cities, businesses and users have a stronger brand awareness. Some American corner small businesses will also actively recommend its social accounts to users through a variety of ways to create their own brand. In addition to the online store or Amazon and other electronic business platform sales, many businesses will also choose to establish exclusive cabinets or independent sales website. One investor’s share of the data is that nearly 90% of goods in American cities can reach consumers through various channels of monopoly, while there are less than 10% of branded goods in the country.

The important use of the

brand is to make the product different and differentiated, and it is easier for the American user to grow up in this business culture to know what he wants.

corresponds to the mature brand awareness of American businesses

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