August 3, 2021

More rational and deeper understanding of the development of computer network language

do not know how, these days the mood is not very good, it may be hot weather tired, idle on the Internet and friends chat chat, chatting chatting about our common in the computer industry, and his conversation is feeling very benefit ah, to understand the computer software industry so, really admire, as we talk, he has put the development of the computer network language look almost transparent. Recently, I like to chat with friends on the Internet and some related topics, and these days, A Bin always like to some of their own feelings of dialogue in the classic things out to share, ha ha, this is no exception.

A Bin, look at the Internet 09:45:04

ha ha. Now more and more feeling. Net actually does not do the application software, efficiency is good.

, my friend, 09:46:03


, there are three layers of applications, too,

in fact,

was decided by the development model at that time

is the object oriented language, so it’s

, my friend, 09:47:46

, look, other people, firefox

the whole project has nothing to do with object oriented objects,

because people’s engineering is so prescribed, can not use any new technology after 1995

so new things aren’t necessarily the best

, my friend, 09:48:35

but something new must be going on,

, or other people involved in the project when people are like this, you do not understand, you can not,

A Bin, look at the Internet 09:48:58

yes. That’s right.

, my friend, 09:49:39

is the

for this popular hit

A Bin, look at the Internet 09:49:55

, my friend always uses vs2003

is very proficient in it. Write everything by yourself. But it takes time for him to use VS2005,

, my friend, 09:51:25

, I don’t know this,

because I didn’t use.Net as a tool,

instead of using it as a language, so I use that and ASP PHP Java is the same

so I think I use vs 030508 as a form,

A Bin, look at the Internet 09:53:32

pair. This is the realm.

my >

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