August 5, 2021

Glyph of God doodle or die

Author: Lord Ye

last night, several friends sent me a story saying "upside down."…… Well, to be exact, 2 million sold to 58 home. In view of 2 million is almost table and chair, bench, server depreciation fees only, and in App Store has not search "toot nail nail" APP, so say "pour" also nothing wrong. (Note: I dark horse on 2 million yuan to sell 58 home, to toot nail and its investors were confirmed, they all denied the price, "2 million is definitely false."".


then this morning, it was after the I dark horse editor, asked how I look at this thing, I think, my identity at least on the surface, is Manicure Dudu rival ah, so what, as if there is a little schadenfreude. Simply write a good article, commercial, business logic from the angle of serious talk about this thing, I hit the "clear face".

died of financing from the skin.

died of fame from the meat.

from the bone, died of the model.

well, pretty much, that’s my answer.

The answer on

‘s skin doesn’t need to be explained much, but some people think that if they continue to finance it, they won’t fall…… Well, I don’t think so, although financing has a lot of luck. But if investors see a fatal injury, whether, no one will vote — such as the O2O of a fatal index: customer retention rate.

O2O everyone burn money, but after burning, you have to see the retention rate. If the retention of high, frequent, and customer prices are good, then "user lifetime value" is amazing, it is likely to obtain new customers, so you are not afraid of expensive. In turn, remain low, the account does not understand this enterprise whether valuation is much cheaper and no one vote — because burn no end, who is stupid? Go to fire


almost half a year ago, there is an investor (domestic game industry gangster earn a lot of money) asked me after all, ask me how to see O2O nail home. I’ll answer: look at the rate of re purchase (that is, the rate of customer retention). Later, the message came from the fact that the rate of re purchase of Dudu nail was too bad to be shot.

but you, this is just a "result", the so-called re purchase rate, after strictly is a consumer, that is lower than expected, not repeated consumption, "word of mouth" gradually began to spread, vicious spiral…… But what caused the bad reputation,


so the root is still in the pattern.

Manicure toot and beaver’s biggest difference is the beaver is C2C, B2C is Manicure Dudu, specifically in the home Manicure Division: Beaver free pricing, free choice of service area; and the price of Manicure beeps every one that is locked by the company, to develop a unified, service area.

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