August 1, 2021

Jing Ya drop out of business with life standing only for 11 years

, my startup site: Cola Lake Mall –

– the school not to stall, not let advertised, even no one place to allow my speech! So I can only put the heart to write, posted on his own body, if who dare to deprive me of this only right, I will fight with TA


"this article has the following purposes: 1, share 2, recruit teams, 3, advertising; if you are not in a hurry, take a few minutes to read this story,"

one, share

I am Jing Ya, is the founder of cola Lake mall, one of the 90 children born today! The courage in this way to stand here and share this journey with you, it is forced to have! For nearly two years, in order to design, cola lake line, revision, promotion, operation and not counting all day and night rush, has let my body more and more weak. A mirror not long ago by chance, I actually found myself so much more hair! "The young and frivolous, not meritorious into Binxian bad, I’m afraid your body can no longer afford this day and night suffering! So I decided to take this form as soon as possible to share the mentality of nearly two years this way the


before to stand here, I plug a headset listen to many times of Fish Leong’s "courage", it’s my favorite song! Because I know that there will be many people do not understand this approach me. Can say this is speculation is a show, even there are people called me sick. But what about that? I stood in the middle with an absolutely sincere heart to share this extraordinary story with you. But, I’m not Fengjie, but not the baby, I have for the community to create waste things! But always try to complete a fairly good mission! I said that I show speculation that I was sick, I had to laugh. Turn the mission into faith, the believer is fearless, stand here, I am worthy of the heart!


on my mission: still remember a picture seen on television at the age of 9, the southwest border, a six year old girl, carrying a worn bag, hard sliding in a bridge across the Nu River! I was shocked, then a young age, so the roar of the river, so the risk P picture. I imagine that if tiesuoqiao suddenly broken, if the little girl in the middle of the card slip does not move, if tied to the little girl on the rope suddenly loose… They just want to go to the other side of the river to go to school. The children in the city go to school every day and have a special bus to pick up their children. With what little, they will repeat such dangerous actions every day. The reality is really unfair, why not in the river on a small bridge, so that they can go to school every day. Ping Pingan, let them have a common child should have a happy childhood! I try to look for the answers, but only two cold shaking people’s words: poverty! For all the Chinese!! there are too many such places, there are too many.

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