August 1, 2021

s it true that websites that have trusted certification are trustworthy

"Network letter authentication", "credit union" and "e-commerce credit authentication""…… Since 2010, tens of thousands of websites have been scrambling to join various trusted authentication systems to show that their website has no problems and can be trusted.

, but can these authenticated websites really be trusted? How do these trusted websites come out?

first, can confirm that the trusted site certification is not the Ministry rating, all is the market behavior, that is to say is the folk organization or simply is the Private Companies for the operation, the authority is somewhat visible.

so what exactly is the fire of confidence certification? This is a huge and confusing market that has spawned more than 300 websites and tens of millions of domain names in china.


, a certified web site friend, says it’s not difficult to get a "trusted web site" logo, just pay $15000 and submit some basic information. If this website is credible, it is only the ultimate victims of Internet users! As a technology company in Beijing website marketing model development — more than 1000 Internet users spend nearly a million as a member, which is quite a part of Internet users is seen as the site has a trusted site logo was assured payment become a member. However, a year later, the company was identified as Industrial and Commercial Bureau MLM network, have been investigated, all the members lose everything.

website can be trusted certification from where, abroad as early as 10 years ago began to have trusted certification evaluation organizations, these organizations have nothing to do with the government, but not pay to join, are public welfare. These well-known foreign institutions to assess the credibility of the site is conditional on whether the site to open malicious scripts, viruses, whether it is a yellow site, etc., can be trusted to be real-time evaluation. Such trusted certification bodies are what websites really need to verify.

website security alliance with dozens of foreign trust evaluation organizations to provide website trust level verification in real time, including WOT, BitDefender, Netcraft, Opera and so on, if you want to check to access web of trust, can be verified in these institutions, and these institutions or the direct use of EeSafe platform for cooperation trust the site is fully validated.


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