August 5, 2021

May day summed up their feelings of the station

all day to see an article in Admin5, to learn some things, of course, on some of the articles did not feel what, because some people are writing mentality is not too good, one is to advertise your website is also called soft, and another is the solitary Fang zishang type. Even CMS will not use online to download a program to buy a domain name with it. I understand this part of vanity, but minor, should not what you mean, and failed to learn the knowledge, but there is no real effect on the website of the publicity.

today is the 5.1 day morning sleep a Lanjue, noon meal, the wife and her classmates to Hualian Shopping, I will be on a network, not to call his wife back, said outside the cloudy, not too hot, I called out to go to Altai amusement park.

when he arrived in Altai, there were so many people. There is no place for bicycles. It’s noisy, but I’m in a good mood today. I’ll go with them. I don’t have any roller coaster rides. There are too many people to row. So he sat down on the mountain and enjoyed the entertainment.

and I thought, I am also a personal webmaster, have little time to accompany his wife to come out to play, very tired every day, but I still have a small effect, net income every month the site is about 5000 yuan, as a freelance programmer, a php programmer has this kind of income in this City Hohhot, may also be good, not long ago a Erdos (Dongsheng) general manager of the company invited me to join that pure profit commission is given a monthly salary of 3000 yuan plus 10% of the company, I refused. I like to be free. I don’t like to be restrained because I always like to go to bed at 6 in the morning and get up at 2 in the afternoon.

later a few friends (when the university know oh) came over and said to the operation of the Internet industry companies, venture together, asked me what good ideas, advice, I said I do not have the ability to operate, so there is no qualification and they talk show, but that a little given. Staff patient, focused on the use of funds, pay attention to market products, or against the development of enterprises and institutions or financial intelligence office software, if the technology is not strong, do service, try not to products, especially some of the large Internet company’s products, in order to maintain the price of the stock market or to exploit agents. But we must do a good job market, try not to be too exploiting workers, do win, because every part of the company is very important, everyone has to eat all the houses, so the money we earn, so as to do a good job, but should pay attention to the way, some people may be you too good for him he will not work. I said it for a while, but I didn’t know whether it was helpful or not.

a few days and a few friends to ask me about personal webmaster, he very love the construction site, run a website to yourself, but do not know what kind of operation of a website, Baidu it seems far from what type of website is not missing, you have no direction, no profit. Think of it today and then

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