August 4, 2021

Dialectical understanding of the rest and the work site operation is more superior


is a part of the webmaster and operation, but all the year round, but found that people had a good rest of the website, the effect is not very good, this kind of webmaster is typical of the rest and the work does not coordinate well, let the website operation in a high load but low effect of the state, in the face of this situation, webmaster friends must to find the reasons and find solutions, let person can have a good rest and to ensure good operation site.

in fact there are many owners have been excavating the meeting point, and for most webmaster this point is very simple, the rest and the work itself is the dialectical unification relations, only a good rest of your work is the driving force, so only the works you can rest peacefully in the face of this situation, the author summed up the rest can be obtained with several working methods of effective coordination, I hope to help the webmaster part.

work, work out time and rest, establish a rest time,

no matter what we do things have to have a plan, whether we are at work or at rest must have their own plan, and this plan will have to rely on webmaster hands to develop, such as most of the owners plan is get up at 8 in the morning until 11 to work time, at this time can break 30 minutes; and webmaster is usually get up at 10 in the morning, and then go to sleep until about 12 p.m.; different owners, different industries have their own time, but no matter what you do, no matter how, at least 9 hours of rest time is necessary to ensure every day, or you in second not to mention the spirit of the day, this work is a waste of time.

diligent work, happy rest

no matter what we do things, rest and work are uniform, while working is not lazy, in the rest of the time you don’t want to work, I think this is the most suitable method for the operation of the site owners, we can see that make the webmaster friends, they are diligent work. Happy rest, never heard of money every day to work overtime at the station, the station also never heard of money during the Spring Festival can play a few weeks, these phenomena are surface no matter at any time we will have to rest and work uniform dialectical, not only the rest does not work, not only work without rest to rest, a week to rest every day, this is the most important.

specific analysis of specific issues, different stages of the formulation of different strategies

in the different stages of the website operation, operation strategy as a webmaster, is certainly not the same, the webmaster friends must adhere to the concrete analysis of concrete problems, formulate strategies in different patterns in different stages of development of the site, such as your site is new on line website, then every day after an hour of rest what is not, to be your site development to a certain extent, this time your site.

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