August 3, 2021

Write soft text advertising too LOW Look at how Luo Zhenyu Luo Yonghao and Huang Zhanglin make mo

today, talk to you about some models for making money from the media. How to make money? What write soft Wen advertising? I think too LOW, and we can think of some other money making, if only by writing soft advertising, will die poor. Thus, the author recalls the following three most self interested media players who make money. They have a striking similarity. Yes, they are fat people. Of course, all from the media people: Luo Zhenyu, Luo Yonghao, Huang Zhanglin.


September 20th, the first commercial value from the media conference held in Beijing. I found a great deal of money from the media.

and the boy, you too can make.

first said that society from the media, there is no patron, all by their own operations out. Luo Zhenyu is the kind.

first throws ideas, Luo Zhenyu has three treasures: scenes, selling books, social packs,


some time ago bought a book "revolution" scene, fully and delightfully finished. Particularly well, Wu’s scene theory has a point that the media must have created a scene. We know that Wu is the co founder of Luo Ji’s thinking and the chief brains behind Luo Ji’s thinking. Mind set is a scenario where you sit on the toilet every morning and listen to the day of thinking. I used to get into the habit of sitting in the elevator every morning. I would like to listen to my mind for 60 seconds. Because of the blocking of the elevator, it’s good to listen to a paragraph of voice. It’s a scene, so they design the scene very well and the natural content is handy.

content marketing, is landing. What has a buddy done? A powerful fan performance that allows Ronaldo to see the new business environment. As a result, he should start selling books, for a start to do a test, 90 minutes, 6 books, 499 yuan, 8000 sets of books sold out. Traditional publishing company. Coincidentally, last year’s Mid Autumn Festival, Luo Ji mind doing an experiment, the moon cake sold 40 thousand boxes. Fans play economically well, and profits are too easy. The content into the trust endorsement, Luo Panglai a gorgeous, now the logic of thinking from time to time when it comes to a point of view, we recommend a book. Why do fans buy his book? It’s simple. First, it’s sticky. You listen to him every day. Slowly, this relationship of friends and trust has been established. In your mind, he is an opinion leader. Second, through the knowledge, Luo fat recommendation book will not be inexplicable recommendation, there are stories, or in a certain point of view does not say thoroughly, you want to know, buy books to go back and see. Third, the community is full, Luo fat fans are a group of fans seeking knowledge, in his scene, the crowd gathered together, so selling books is a very appropriate choice.

now, the number of thinking fans is about 5 million, active users more than 300 thousand a day. And Luo’s thinking is thorough, too

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