August 5, 2021

Mobile terminal social products surrounded by business how to achieve independence

The derivative of

mobile Internet under the strong impact of the product chain has let the industry feel shocked, whether mobile or mobile communications chip such as Qualcomm, such as WeChat, its powerful ability to replicate show let the traditional products have lost their opponent user advantage. Only in this regard, the mobile platform for product support is still great.

but is that always the case? I don’t think so. Every new platform will have a chance to make money and no money situation, only in the case of WeChat, its success is one of the many products and Tencent accumulated years of user resources, if there is no mobile phone QQ lesson, I think WeChat in the communication terminal and service for a period of time. But the Internet world is not all companies such as Tencent, is more of a small team and some capital strength is not very strong, its flagship product is only one or two, in the face of the mobile Internet more and more capital to fight strong, their growth trajectory is more worthwhile to learn from the grassroots.

is first mentioned in 2011 as Sina micro-blog, a popular China social product attributes, the entertainment was to let micro-blog have a lot of traffic and the entrance advantages, but due to the public accounts of the good times don’t last long, lack of supervision and for their own profit to lead Sina micro-blog commercial irresolute and hesitant, now too strong, advertising information one layer after another, if the original micro-blog is interspersed with advertising information, it’s advertising interspersed occasionally they state.

imagine such products will make you satisfied, so Sina micro-blog user activity decline, eventually had to be part of the sale of equity in order to avoid the waste of cash to complete, the envy of the traffic. After settling in Ali, Sina, micro-blog also has a better interface and platform advantages, at least do not worry about the flow of liquidity problems, the introduction of some traffic directly to the Taobao platform to see the water into the channel, but in fact inappropriate.

because now micro-blog is not the lack of profit motive, but the viscosity of the user experience, the past 3 years of chaos, for everyone micro-blog impression has been gradually reduced, which has been weak in users gathered, so at this stage Sina micro-blog focus not only on the money, otherwise enter is not a out of the bad circulation. The continued development of the product is also a loss. So, from this example, we can feel the law of mobile product operations:


traffic is not all products of the king, adhere to the property, service user is the key to the development of the same traffic is only a medium of communication and its business platform, but for the future cannot be directly realized by means of flow, seek development can be derived.

2 is always the focus of commercial business, but to talk about money, when the user’s own level is not mature to value-added services, to say the money for the user and the brand is a comb, so early to do products worth Kennedy >

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