August 4, 2021

Where is the way out for local talent websites

I have worked for several large talent websites in China, and I have been in charge of marketing management in a local talent website. It has in-depth research and thinking to this problem, although not in this industry talent network for nearly two years, but nearly two years more contact with the entire Internet, in turn, have a global talent network understanding of the industry. Because of historical reasons (capital, time point, etc.), it is impossible for the national talent website to do a lot of innovation. The local talent website, because the boat is small, good U-turn, do some innovative operations, it does not need too much cost.

local talent website is now generally facing two Q: 1, a national talent competition website, some local website may say: I do not feel the pressure now, because it is the main battlefield of people is not to burn your home to this place. Other places after the siege, always turn in your city at that time, in the face of huge capital strength and advanced management efficiency in front of small local talent website only advantage is built up over the years. But the data flow and brand management, capital of three and first-tier cities from the ashes of the large field network recruitment company than difference one hundred and eight thousand. Once these large network companies, local talent website, only the amnesty road.

2. local talent website revenue has encountered a bottleneck. I contact most of the local talent website, a year of online recruitment turnover of 2 million, I mean the three or four – tier cities. In the first and second tier cities, local talent websites have been hard to survive. It is difficult to have a breakthrough, because the model has been rigid, the market is only so big, and then how to do marketing, it can not break through 3 million. And with inflation, advertising channels and labor costs rising, net profits are falling.

local talent network development to this stage, the amount of customers above is basically difficult to have too much growth, now you need to have a qualitative change to the two break point dilemma described above, although not worries, but also can be regarded as the foresight. In order to find a way out, we must innovate the operation mode of talent network, and make full use of the existing resources to increase new profit points. The author thinks that we can start with the following aspects:

1. abandons the traditional membership fee model, charges free information and charges by advertising and ranking. The traditional mode of membership fees at least two problems: a indirectly reduce the enterprise’s position B to rival too much space to remember how eBay is dead? How Taobao is two years to do it? And now Taobao’s revenue is less than the eBay model used? Model of information free of charge, for some large talent network to enter the local talent net of this industry is a big problem, because they have a variable pattern forming, that is the problem, for they are too hard.

2. adds training information services. Place >

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