August 1, 2021

The content operation story of NetEase’s excellent products

The content of

operators in the end what to do? How to do? This is a lot of operators troubled by NetEase, cloud music subway advertising, the depth of analysis of content operation of NetEase, we hope to be able to help.


this is a scene from the subway line one in Hangzhou. Taking the subway is a long process, and sometimes it makes one’s habitual head empty. But in March 20th, when everyone walked into the subway, many people stopped to take a look at everything on the subway. The moment there is a burst of red cloud music NetEase NetEase chose some commenters, showing them in the Hangzhou subway, it caused the forwarded circle of friends, many people may think this is a marketing activities, but in fact it is the accumulation and precipitation cloud music content NetEase operating for many years. What really touches everyone on this train is the warm text and creates a common feeling, which is the core of the content operation.

There is a strong relationship between

operators and content operators, we are eager to user generated some premium content, but when the user to produce high-quality content, first of all is to be able to really impress the user’s emotions, if users are willing to interact with you, the generated content to let the other end users of products the heart and emotions tightly together.

so many people will feel that NetEase products do well, why? Because the user’s heart tightly linked together. Because the more sincere, the more moving things, in order to make more people resonate.

content operations in the end what to do? How should I do? NetEase to the content of the hierarchical division, divided into white, gray, black three layers.

white – how to make quality content emerge

what is the quality content? How do you dig it?

most sincere, the most true feelings reveal things, most often move others.

when the festival, parents sent you a text message: "cold weather, Tim clothes, do not catch a cold, pay attention to the body.". The work is very busy recently. Please remember to take a rest."

is the simple content that moves our hearts. The quality of the content is healthy, sincere, rational and friendly. Here we must emphasize the rationality, we will find that the NetEase cloud music comments may have some content is clearly expressed in a singer on the idea, but some fans will think you can not say that my idol is not good, then you have some tear open content, if so, other users will point. Have a warm feeling? So not that hot spots things must be good, produce hot things must have a rational existence, must be very healthy, sincere, rational and friendly.


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