August 5, 2021

Why is CNZZ able to rise in the micro statistical market

in accordance with conventional thinking, many enterprises are difficult to rise in the shadow of the financial crisis. However, the independent third party data statistics and analysis service technology provider CNZZ has risen in the financial crisis, and has been favored by the famous venture capital agency IDG, and has also received IDG million dollars investment. Shortly before, the industry has just come out Wulin statistics, stop service news, we can see that the fierce competition in the statistics market. But why is CNZZ able to predict the rise in the domestic market,


an enterprise can rise in the market, must have its own advantages. Domestic lack of statistical tools, such as Baidu statistics, YAHOO statistics, 51Yes and so on, the unknown is countless. CNZZ can rise in the hands of a lot of competition, I think it is because of its professionalism, objectivity and concentration.

Maybe a lot of people think that

( / CNZZ) but also a common statistical tool, what professional? As everyone knows, CNZZ with free move four years won about 600000 of the site users, but the latest statistics show CNNIC, the domestic number of sites is 1 million 920 thousand, which means that CNZZ has covered the 1/3 site. With about 600000 site users, CNZZ as long as one week will be able to achieve 90% of the country’s Internet users coverage, which is to ensure the authenticity of data statistics premise, but also its specialty.

in fact, through the free coverage of about 600000 site users is an important strategic CNZZ aspirations of the statistics, because the CNZZ positioning is third party data professional, authoritative and objective statistics, which cater to the domestic Internet market demand. All along, the Internet economy has been the image of the industry as "traffic economy", the status of data fraud urgent need for independent third party data statistics service providers appear. With the arrival of the financial crisis, the demand for the data statistics service of the independent third party is more urgent.

after the financial crisis, many advertisers expect their advertising investment to get more returns. For this reason, advertisers need some very detailed data for reference. Nowadays, many macroeconomic data statistics agency statistics to provide advertisers with accurate and effective data, guidelines, and micro CNZZ data statistics, especially the advertising effectiveness statistical products can meet the needs of advertisers. In addition to advertisers, AdSense and some e-commerce sites also need real third party data statistics, CNZZ is committed to doing third party data statistics strategy, with the current market demand in harmony. More importantly, at present, only one CNZZ can provide micro independent third party data statistics service. Even now there are people who want to compete with CNZZ, about 600000 site users four years of free accumulation, and big data storage and security maintenance, such a high threshold, who can break? Four years ago from the competition right now no one can compete with the rise of CNZZ, what is


is critical."

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