August 1, 2021

Personal website to succeed need to build their own brand

these days in the Admin5 station network, made a few interviews and articles, and I have some friends to discuss the construction site where to start in the end of the problem, because a few days ago has been busy, what time to communicate with everybody, today is here as a building on the site the point of my personal opinion.

I think it’s time to start building your own personal brand. Website is different from general online business, the biggest difficulty is nothing more than "traffic" problem. I think the biggest bottleneck in restricting the development of domestic websites now is the problem of effective traffic. Because the site and do business, line contact opportunities rarely, no real impression, always give a person a kind of feeling that with no reality whatever, it is difficult to cultivate feelings. For example, in the actual trade under the Internet, both sides of the trade have more contact and understand each other more deeply, so they have the basis of mutual trust, and it is easier to cultivate feelings. But there are too many virtual information on the website, but more or less it will give people a vague, difficult to trust feeling.

the current domestic Internet development these years with vigour and vitality, experienced ignorant, impetuous, prosperous, and now the rise of meditation, the personal website of the lack of certain constraints, resulting in a handful of sites act morally corrupt misconduct, blind development, indeed for the development of the Internet brings some obstacles or is blocked. This is like a straight chariot, go with head high and chest out go forward, will always produce a trace of the surrounding alertness, there will always be some people’s resentment and conflict, so the emergence of a more or less bumpy, the weed wood block, this is the same reason.

therefore, to really do a good job of personal websites, first of all, we must do our own online image. In fact, in general, people of famous characters are always relative to the more trust, more worship, more in their learning and business model, also have to follow a dream that one day I can become the focus of attention. Because people generally think, fame is not easy, so a person, usually, famous figures, is not easily put people into ruin of insurance and risk alll. It is based on this view that people tend to be more comfortable with famous people in general. For example, in figure ADMIN5 Wang website intermediary transactions, the stationmaster was assured of the tens of thousands of money directly remittances to Admin5, and we believe that ADMIN5, rather that graph king. There are famous A Fei, backward swimming fish, a river, etc., their personal reputation and reputation are in the process of dealing with the webmaster at ordinary times and bit by bit accumulated.

I’ve been thinking, "why does King Wang succeed? Of course, anyone’s success is sure to have a successful side.". Therefore, I have also been observing and studying his mode of operation. My conclusion is that he is able to succeed and be totally with him

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