August 3, 2021

How to use hot events to increase the traffic quickly

often knows that once happened somewhere we are concerned about the hot events on the network quickly spread, until it filled the entire network, coupled with the Chinese people love to play BBS everywhere spread this message, is more accelerated this information. In the past, the author generally read things, most of them are followed by a few words.

since the network promotion, I found that a popular news, you can help your website in a short time to improve the amount of access quickly, and thus enhance the visibility. If the operation is good, a news to your site brings traffic, dreams can not think of high. Specific how to operate, see:

first, of course is to find the hot news, in fact, this should be the most difficult, the news is not hot, in later comments, especially for people who engage in network marketing, no point in this belated effort. In fact, now in the promotion of popular hot tail effect, but you catch 100 short tail can not be compared to others, ah, this is the gap.

said far, go back to business. How to find the hot material, which not only requires you to have a keen eye, forward thinking, it is more important for you to know what users are most love. Like the recent heat transfer, touch with milk door "," Nanjing "Tuoku door" accident "is the love of Internet users. Clear these things, is not afraid of you, find a few large forum (Note: is not the forum website), here some people may ask, why to find large forum, portal website is not better? Their message is more accurate and more comprehensive. But you are wrong, the information portal website editor is the information collected to upload and edit, forum, is the majority of Internet users can publish news at any time place, without any examination and waiting, and there are hundreds of millions of Internet users, a wide range of information more website editor can have a few. So that’s the crux of the problem.

second, when you have found a likely heat from the mass of information inside the post; next is the editorial optimization this information, how to optimize? Of course is based on their website content to optimize the pull, trying to put your keywords into it, of course, it is best to take you web links added.

, like the traffic accident in Nanjing, Jiangning, during the course of finding data, I found a video in a small forum. It was inhumane for the local police to treat the dead while dealing with the scene. So I get down without demur, please understand a buddy video making his mark in the video above to. In this way, not only did not destroy the readability of the whole information, but also the purpose of the author. This is not the end of the document, when everywhere in the back of the beginning of the video is not sent out together, but at the end of this paper a link called "Nanjing an accident, the police uncle, please give the last respect ". In this way, according to the curiosity of the Chinese people, 95% of the people

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