August 5, 2021

Account security fangpian experience rookie must learn

broadband users should raise awareness of network security, and to strengthen the system, open ports, close sharing the corresponding technical measures to prevent hacking of computer, reduce or avoid due account theft losses.

1, public places on the Internet, before leaving the plane, be sure to restart the computer,

believes that now the Internet computer is installed 100% reduction system, restart the computer can prevent hacking tools rookie level.

2, the Internet process, determined not to open someone else sent your unknown links,

remembers once chatting with a magical friend, QQ. He inexplicably lets me go to a certain website to look at the picture. When I was hesitating, he came back and said, "never open that page, there’s a virus! My computer is infected!"……"

Internet, do not browse the messy website, especially now some of the virtual property sales sites, advertising prices are particularly cheap, in fact, is a trick. If you feel the computer is slow because you don’t know the Internet, restart your computer immediately.

3, don’t fall into "cyber love"

"net love" cheat number, not only the loss of material wealth, as well as feelings. The Internet is just a virtual world. Don’t dream too much. Try not to tell anyone, especially the opposite sex, unless you absolutely believe him,

4, account number, password dislocation, enter

, for example, your account number is "ABcdEFG", when you enter, enter "CD" first, then use the mouse to move the cursor, steal the front input "AB", and then use the mouse to move the cursor to the final input "EFG"". This method allows most Trojans to fail.

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