August 1, 2021

How does a web site operator analyze visitor experience from data

  improved the site visitor experience, so as to enhance visitor satisfaction, a simple word we may need to do a lot of things, a lot of Web site operators have their own views on enhance the visitor experience argument, some people say that the interface of UI optimization to do the site, some people say is to organize more online and offline activities to attract more visitors and so on, these optimization from the general level to improve visitor satisfaction, but as the operator to be effective and accurate, we need to look at the problem from the data, so as to improve the visitor experience.

first of all, we need targeted analysis of our visitors for page optimizations. Visitors in our site every click, reply, comment, or even every sliding the mouse, can be a very good response to visitors at our site on the psychological situation, is love, hate or confusion we can through these data analysis. For example, we know the IP address of the location, visitors to visit our site in the provinces in which areas, what are the different geographical differences, visitors to focus on what is the difference between the time of the visit, these data are some important data, we can even help online promotion is more reasonable make promotion or planning activities in which city, which is the time period. Through this comprehensive data analysis, we can more pragmatic understanding of their site to attract visitors, so as to help us improve the site visitors experience.

on the other hand, we need to focus on active visitors and lost visitors analysis. We can often see a lot of sites play such advertising language: "so and so site registered users have more than * * *.". In fact, in the operation of the website, these data do not have such high actual meaning. Just think, if a lot of registered users registered at the time just to get the information you want, and no actual stay, these data still have what meaning? So, for a site is concerned, the real key index data is the number of visitors active rather than the total number of visitors, so only these visitors in creating value. So, the goal of visitor experience improvement is to discover new visitors and keep old visitors. All of them, when we analyze the data of visitors, briefly record the latest login time of visitors, and then distinguish whether the visitor is active or lost.

in addition, we need to grasp the psychology of visitors through data analysis. What kind of data can reflect the site visitors psychological? What is the visitors want? To solve this problem, first of all, we can change the hourly flow trend of sustained attention of the site, and then in the process of operation in peak hours access to the recommended targeted articles and reviews, guide visitors access. Then, the analysis of the home page Jump rate and other indicators, to assess the effect of home page visitors browsing. For example, we found through a phase of data monitoring, more than 85% of visitors access depth is lower than 3 pages, in the three most concerned about the content of visitors, only a handful of users from the home page, this is much more

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