August 5, 2021

From the days of the search engine dedicate this article to the webmaster like me

once saw people posting "ask the webmaster forum site Baidu K, whether there is necessary to do so?" in fact, the answer to this question, every webmaster all know: to do it, we do not stand to see Baidu.

I am in charge of the company is a 08 years in February just on-line operation of social SMS sharing site. The first 2 months of operation, Baidu included in the good, every day from Baidu to bring traffic in about 1000. It’s quite satisfactory for a website that has just been on the line. Plus other GOOGLE and so on, the website daily traffic can also last 3000.

overnight in good times don’t last long, updated in May 13th, Baidu included page from page more than 40 thousand, down to 2 pages, web traffic plummeted.

then, first of all, check if your website is overly optimized. And then call Baidu customer service. As a result, customer service MM answers are consistent: the number of pages included in the search engine is automatic, inhuman.

was disheartened after all the efforts had no effect. Our company is short of hope, every month the company must complete index. Baidu is now down right, I can not throw the next sentence, "Baidu put us down right", regardless of.

has just been a few days in K, the flow of less than half, the mood is also low to the point. Every day I go to the webmaster BBS complaining, for web promotion, what is not done.

at a station Party in Hangzhou, I also explained my situation. At that time, a senior asked me: "you stand to do is Baidu see? If there is no Baidu, your station cannot survive?" I was speechless. When I came back, I finally decided to start over.

1, the content of the website continues to be updated daily, as much original as possible. (our website has signing writers, so it’s not a problem in the original text.


2, is to take full advantage of Baidu post bar and Baidu know. Anyway, now you put my Baidu K, a dead pig afraid of boiling water. Baidu Post Bar daily visits are still great, I will carefully organize 1 soft Wen every day, to Baidu related posts posted. Then, take a few accounts and make comments from time to time. Now think, light 1 paste it, you can bring more than 3000 of the flow. Of course, I also very disgusted, some webmaster brothers in paste brush advertising. In fact, that would be unwise. First, pure advertising stickers, even if deceived, will soon withdraw. Second, now the Internet users are very smart, a look to know that the post is advertising, it will not go to the point. As for those "****MM video" ah edge of the post, even if brought traffic, but also attracted a group of "satyr", it will only reduce the image of the site. The most terrible is, but also be net friend curse. So, here, suggest, you and I like in paste, occasionally to mix flow brother, please spend 1 hours to write your promotion soft Wen, than you blind >!

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