August 5, 2021

How to judge the exchange of good and bad links

1. web site has been included in the search engine, included page too few don’t change, if very few see the snapshot of the page is not a recent general high weight website is updated daily snapshot. Baidu included 1 pages, Google included a lot, the same does not change.

2. query website PR, in fact, only do Baidu, no need to see PR, but because Baidu did not provide web site weight rating standards, so see PR can somehow reflect the weight of this site.

3. inquires the website home page position, site website home page is not in the first page of no change, this is likely to be down right.

4. query site snapshot information, to Baidu snapshot based, snapshot date remained in three days.

5. check the content of the website is legitimate, healthy, Liuhe color and some illegal sites don’t consider, website content long-term not update information website not change.

Export link

6. website, if there are too many outbound links do not consider the link exchange, because too many outbound links will take the weight of the website are scattered you will get a few of them, outbound links is best kept at less than 40, 30 less than the best, beyond the scope of the page links will be divided very little weight.

7., if the new industry class formal site, temporarily without PR, but meet the conditions of 1,3,4,5,6 case, but the content of the website to keep updated every day, you can consider the exchange of links.

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