July 31, 2021

Rookie webmaster do stand more than a year of those things

, do you remember your first time? The first time you’ve been doing it should be worth remembering. At least you’ll laugh when you think about it or talk about it. My first time has continued to the present, is a local station, is still open, although every day is more than 100 IP, but I will never close, may be I am this person is you, take it as a memorial (or sweat, but the first time I AQT has already lost. If the words are still…)… In fact, I want to talk about some of my experiences before I made my first web site today.

I was in January 08 contact website production, when the examination finished ready to drop QQ letter, the original QQ or do well, do every day can have one hundred or two hundred pieces of income, I just go home before long Tencent changed something, do not go. This time a turning point can be said, one side is to want to do online games and friends, one is to learn to do, finally returned to the embrace of the party, go right now to think very happily, although not earn what money, but my heart at ease.

chose the road to start immediately, then is in a state of complete idiot, case know Dreamweaver, every day on Silicon Valley, see the Dreamweaver tutorial, I also got a completely static website (in fact it is a few pages together). The website although not what practical significance, but after I understand how NB is static, I turned a total of more than a dozen posts in Post Bar, Baidu Google YAHOO included the page, not bad, then use a name extension wind technology of free space, not tied to a meter the two level domain can be collected, really niua.

After the

, after the Spring Festival, after many considerations, or go back to school, once again made the flowers of the motherland. In the school for two months, or to the teachers leave, play at home for a month, this month has been know to do station CMS is now the mainstream, always wanted to do a forum to search network program, the forum of our county.

a month but on the end, gosh, I suddenly think of it as soon as the college entrance examination! But it is just a little excited, to sit in front of a computer is completely forgotten. College entrance examination is ultimately what I expected, actually in the key high school two "holiday", and once a month before the college entrance examination, the examination results can actually, I feel no regret what.

graduated from high school, more than two months long vacation, crazy, and that more than two months to now, I have a deep memory, it is estimated that this life can not forget, it can be said that there is a qualitative leap, although it is still rookie. Two months, every day more than 15 hours before the computer Admin5 see article for more than 5 hours (the old articles have turned rotten) – behind an hour (at that time don’t love behind) – Baidu for program + modification test program 6 hours, other time is.

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