August 1, 2021

Personal webmaster business website direction of the three operating mode misunderstanding

in IT teahouse BBS and several big webmaster BBS, all the time no longer webmaster ask, what kind of website should do, what kind of website more profitable. With Baidu’s increasingly rigorous review of entertainment sites such as novels, movies, games and BT downloads, individual owners are looking for their own way out. But in this process, there are some websites which are generally considered to be the future trends, but it is a mistake for the personal webmaster.

defines personal webmaster, most as a person responsible for the technology, art, content renewal and promotion, but also can be divided into two categories, namely technical personal webmaster and promote personal webmaster. They each one has his good points but also each man has his limitations. The following pitfalls arise:

1. local website

found more and more personal webmaster has a special liking for the local website, summarize the reasons about Chinese down the characteristics of the Internet, people still love vast territory and abundant resources, communicate with a province or city, local small scale website big companies and the investment risk is not. User demand and market competition determine the local web site is indeed a good direction.

but in turn, think about why so many local websites have failed to do so. Webmasters who run local websites may experience it. Most webmaster can according to their own advantage, download an open source CMS, and then opened a lot of platforms, the manual or catch acquisition and update on the Internet, and then through the search engine optimization to regional keywords optimization to the first page of the search engine, waiting for him to flow, and then waiting for the door advertising. But in fact the local portal operation requires a lot of financial and material resources, simple said is the need for a company to operate, so people are optimistic if this direction beforehand how to change the operation of the company;

2.B2C e-commerce

with several B2C e-commerce sites get huge investment, personal webmaster circles also ready to start, whether it is large or small webmaster webmaster, are eager to get a mall program started in the Taobao B2C, there are some shop selling things may also earn some money, is also optimistic about the direction to start.

think B2C is really a trend, but is still not suitable for personal webmaster, same reason, B2C it is actually a simple shop selling goods distributors, perhaps one or two people can fix, but once opened the website traffic up, every day some ten orders, this time the need is the ability to overcome the logistics system has a set of management system, and these are precisely the lack of personal webmaster. So please think twice before doing or not, do not, just want to know how to manage to do, don’t simply want to rely on a strong personal promotion skills IP a day to tens of thousands, hundreds of orders, how much money.

3. community web site

no one will

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