July 31, 2021

The dignity and career prospects of web designers

many colleagues feel that the website designers are so gloomy and pessimistic. So, the website designer in everyone’s mind became a marginal occupation, think is a learned some software, have done graphic design can be qualified for this position. In carrying this social awareness at the same time, we still do not adhere to the paragraph. Why so confused, why so cold?. First of all, let us ask ourselves why we have this marginal occupation. Is it important for us to exist? Why,


(Note: This article only talks about professional web designers and does not discuss amateur designers such as web designers or hobbyists.


today, with the rapid development of the global information technology and the Internet economy, web design has come into being as a series of other professions, such as animation design, program development and e-commerce. The website is like a facade, from personal homepage, company, enterprise, government department, international organization and so on, all of them regard the website as the window to display the image and transmit the information to the outside world.

is the Internet provides a platform for the exchange of information so widely, so media information dissemination of this new interest and more and more people, also from the Internet itself reflects the business opportunities in the world, successful beyond count uncountable! The latter site. Various types of websites, such as blogs, enterprise websites, entertainment websites, portal websites and e-commerce websites, have sprung up like mushrooms. Lead to more and more people start with web design dealings, interconnection network of various sites is from these professional, or not professional, occupation, hobbies or web designers to develop and design, ha ha ~ after all grown forest birds inside the woods, is also up, make the design personnel uneven in quality. Works of Dragons and fishes jumbled together. There are very nice ones, those who have seen it, those who have copied it, and what we call rubbish. Because of such a big deal, the real professional designers began to be confused. Because by the public example into a mixed party, one party, ha ha, ridiculous.

confused web designers, read a lot of older Bowen, our profession has been included in the construction site of the third human. We’re in the background between programmers and graphic designers. As web designers, we need to know both graphic design and a little background, and sometimes we do a bit of animation. But unfortunately, graphic designers think they are insulting programmers think they are in design; insult programming; animation designers think they all that is completely display slight skill before an expert". The name is so humble, humble to the point. To tell the truth, I am very indignant about being seen like this.

first of all, I think so,

Web Design is not an affordable business for graphic designers.

Web Design is not a programmer

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