July 31, 2021

Mobile nternet tide era local forums communities and portals should go from here

to tell you the truth, these days I have been in great excitement and confusion, because I do not know their own aura changed my thinking or what happened to change, I think there is a deep thought on my mind.

since two years ago, personal webmaster is dead argument mercilessly struck me, I would tell the truth to me in this industry, and I haven’t entered the industry, but obviously there is a hidden giant era, everywhere is the acquisition of BAT, the good news of the layout, it gives me the feeling that seems to have we do not have much left to individual owners of the way out, we are mixed in the giant’s survival in the crevice.

and now people are talking about what O2O, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet era, even Ma Huateng said that the mobile Internet is the real Internet, but as a personal webmaster, it makes us more confused, first from the technical support of speaking, I have been struggling to find a lot of source code and the program, but once again disappointed, not too much for the mobile station program, especially a good program.

, we do not have the ability to develop program source code, usually are used ism, and their own repair, modification, change on the use of. So most of the site is now so homogeneous, and flooding.

left those who have successful stationmaster I have in the webmaster online to read spiritual wealth, pondering how to do stand, in fact, the secret is very simple, I also have a thorough understanding, is nothing more than: focus, direction, adhere to.

two years ago, I once started an article in stationmaster net, county gate value is not worth our individual stationmaster to start an undertaking. This article also brings a lot of browsing and reprint, unfortunately, even I myself did not insist on living because of various reasons and give up, but now I have a new understanding and a new understanding.

first of all, we need to face the three mistakes, in fact, not only is three, there may be more, for example, I was home in the rural areas, it is truly media that the electricity supplier channel sink, for the 56 line of the city, but to see business giants Taobao and Jingdong when the slogan, see when they spend huge sums of money to do publicity whitewashing, I smile, oh, so you mean laughing.

a word, we look down on rural! Here is not looked down upon and they really look down upon the rural people, but they play and play are not whitewashing perhaps some effect, but the rain way, brush slogans gone, what can’t stop. Sir we continue, please listen to me, this is a huge opportunity for us.

a few years ago, do community forum do portal might have made some money, but now I feel everything changed, first I don’t love the local station profit model, hard wide, rough and simple picture with GIF, I feel it is in the traditional thinking of the Internet users to rape.

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