August 5, 2021

Webmaster from the user point of view the site will bring value reward


webmaster do for a long time, often will often in a fixed mode of thinking, and the starting point of these thinking or reference lines are taken into account in all aspects of the content of the website and the optimization of the technology we do, our thoughts will often revolve around how to get good weight and ranking, even just for ranking or keywords and consider in the website wantonly enter keywords optimization, a substantial adjustment to a had smooth, leading people to read not smooth reading, but to search engine can obtain the original judgment and get good rankings.

but do all this, owners will find that frequenting is search engine spider web site, but true visitors cannot increase your website PV, ratio of PV and IP may be always difficult to exceed 3. If things go on like this, then this site to the search engine’s dependence because it will be too high and will face a huge risk, once suffered from search engine punishment or privacy that is pulling hair, so traffic will have a huge impact site. Therefore, we suggest that in the process of doing the station, should stop from time to time, with an ordinary user’s eyes, standing in the user’s point of view to re-examine the site, which will give you a lot of unexpected returns.

should pay attention to the first impression of the user. Often do stand to a certain time, in the absence of stable profit channel, many owners love for all advertising, or hate all can apply to the advertising alliance hung on the website, however, when the user opens the site to see your site is filled with advertisements, from the home to the middle of the bottom, plus suspension, floating, such sites even pop, so users have a choice but not the first reaction closed outside of the browser. When the owners from the owners point of view, see every advertising can bring much new revenue, and the user see why this site is full of ads, even hide the need to find information and content, so the owners ignore the needs of users it is necessary to consider the needs of users, from the user’s perspective.

has a profound impact on the convenience of users. A good website must be considered, but also is the webmaster to invite a number of users to test, check whether the layout of the site and the column setting can meet the needs of the user, whether can let users to find their needs and contents in the first column, the time when using this way, performance and convenient to the user leave a deep impression, increase the user on the website of the love and trust, and that they can increase the chance of visiting the site, become loyal users. In addition, the website open speed on the user experience effect, this factor can not be ignored, webmaster should often test in different provinces and the speed of the open web site, timely detection of problems and early access speed optimization, this can be avoided by waiting too long when the number of users is lost. A web site that opens very quickly allows users to like it here, plus good >

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