August 3, 2021

The student stationmaster goes from the garbage station to the regular station

just got the diploma I am helpless melancholy uncertain, do not know what to do. I love a network from the beginning. Initially there is a friend to help me apply for a Sheng Bo 3M free space, I remember is the three level domain. Then a time to engage with a few days to 10 IP is not happy. From now to the free space I applied for at least one thousand, for which advertising account do not remember how many! Now think a bit ridiculous, one day a movie station 100IP urgent I quickly to do the cards. But a back view of advertising alliance mostly do not build for la! Yes! From website now, I generally forget. Now had at least more than 100 sites. What types are done, remember that until the second time really was to make money. Is a human body image station has received a 2000IP security advertising 100 dollars. We have income haha!!! From that time until the third best time of a day on average more than 300 dollars. For my university life is rich. At that time I got a server, engage in a lot of garbage station.

now has graduated from University, got the diploma that afternoon. I put the garbage station off, was really a bit reluctant!!!!! There is no server renewals. Because I want to do regular station to do some interesting, people can get in front of the station. I remember many of my friends know I do, but when people ask what I do in the station, so that they have to look at the time. I do not take a look of the site! The entire server is rubbish station…

recently, I decided to do a regular film station, development for six months, to see if there is no effect. If there is no effect, then feel relieved, that graduation certificate to find a job!


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