August 1, 2021

Those days as webmaster

Hello, first introduce yourself, I am the pursuer, stationmaster, pray. Do these days, I don’t think I am, for what, how can I contact to the ground line, day and night in what I do, I can get what I should do next……

Maybe no one could understand

thousands and thousands of words, I am afraid I do not even know, almost 2 months now, I think the beginning, said their mouth black guest, more cattle, learned a thing, that is not what I want, as Chase: refuse to any form of the conflict with the laws of People’s Republic of China speech in the pursuit of the meaning of this sentence! Everyone at a glance, then, black guest, hear the 2 words you will think of what? (I learned this crime is purely for hobbies, did what bad thing ah…… (actually, the definition of "black" or "guest" is also misunderstood. I especially want to clarify for black guests. Note: for good behavior, black guest. Black guest is a kind of spirit, a kind of unyielding spirit, try to discover, to explore, the product of the information age, I know so much, only those scum ruined to this spirit, do some improper activities, positive questions……


one day, a webmaster, his QQ his name I have not announced, chat with me one night, he and I are friends, give me a lot, I kind of understand what is the legendary Wangzhuan, then began to contact the site. I won’t do anything. Learn where to begin, learn, confused…… Baidu knows the question…… Spent 100 points reward, detailed steps to make the site, second days, open a look, too corrupt…… Answer the master copy of a larger piece of content, I hate to see such a long and minute statement, also despise! And then skip! I found a HTML language in a small corner, respondents (Baidu account does not tell you, anyway, and now he is my brother, I will have him to teach and thanks to him, I doubt that many he patiently answered, diligent help, although I am still a rookie, I will study hard, to know him as a brother, in the vast network sea I thank him! Positive questions…… ) his answer is to let me learn the HTML language, and then practice the static web page production and so on…… Then he added me QQ. In the days of the exercises and ask them, I understand the meaning of HTML language, and then he also started making junior rookie rookie ", shout:) very happy, a happy family bought a dish, 8, began to follow the dish learning, plus big brother’s advice has been gradually growth…… 2 months passed, and I spoke to ASP, JS, CSS, PHP, and so on…… Have a certain understanding, but I’m still a rookie rookie, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, oh ~ it is a process of learning I. Jump to the top, I said a webmaster and I talked for a night, let me know what is the net Wangzhuan when I was in school, in the website, users.

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