August 4, 2021

Personal views and experiments on the PR value of the website successful cheats


at the end of last year, I got a QQ station, called QQ network to engage in Xiaoqiang, less than a month, the site should be painted PR =2, however, I have another station (movie station), get more than half a year, but still to brush, PR=0. I started wondering, why is this? The former is just in less than a month, Google included less than 100 pages, not only flow; the latter is to engage in more than half a year, Google contains 1500 or so, only flow according to the number of pages for more.

specific analysis:

I’d like to compare these two sites for some time. The QQ class put a GG ad, and the movie Station didn’t hang up (mostly because of fear of K). I began to feel that this is the reason, but I took my other site compared, and that station also put GG advertising, also did not brush the PR value.

finally coincidentally found that before the upload a GG page to the QQ station in the root directory, what page? A GG account of friends, have not found at the end of last year in Riga’s own account of a resource function, open can see webmaster tools. That is own website attestation, I feel the website attestation in GG account is very useful to PR value.

begins the experiment:

I bought last month as well as 10 domain names are CN, which is around March. I take my server to give them all tied up, the content is collected, 20 days later, the 10 site was Google included, I let these sites through my GG account certification, only the uploaded files, all in the root directory of these sites, up to the present do not delete. Of course, my movie station also followed.

experiment result:

in the past few days, the PR value has been brushed, the 10 domain name PR=2, and that movie station domain name PR=1 (I found that the movie station may be too long, or what’s the matter,



friends, did you notice? I know, for a beginner, your site for the first time with the PR value, is a very happy thing, I hope what I have said today that, for all of us some good help.

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