August 3, 2021

Nine diamond net CEO exposing online shopping fake diamond shady advocate industry standards

February 18th, Sohu IT from nine drilling network general manager Chen Binchu was informed that, nine drilling in 2008 sales of nearly 70 million yuan, this year will be billions of dollars. In addition, Chen Bin also revealed some criminals leave net diamond shady, and launched an industry standard jewelry online sales

good cash flow easy " winter "

according to Chen Bin, nine drilling in 2008 sales of nearly 70 million.

, because the company is still in the expansion period, has not yet profitable." But its future development of the company still quite confident, "sell diamond model than Dangdang sell book mode more pleasing, and 2009 sales will exceed 100 million yuan."."

said the economic crisis in time led to corporate thrift costs and spending cuts, Chen Bin said, nine drilling network is not affected. "We have a very good cash flow. We can hold it for at least 2 or 3 years, and then start a new round of financing."

it is understood that in February 2008, nine drilling has won a round of 10 million U. s.dollars venture capital, investors are Kay Hua Ying (KPCB), RAPAPORT group, Qiming venture capital and the group of guests. Among them, the RAPAPORT group is the world’s largest diamond B2B enterprises, the diamond price list to become the world’s diamond pricing is conducive to international standards, nine direct access to the global diamond drill first hand information and supply, which has the unique advantages of cost competition. KPCB and Qiming ventures are the VC of the top two diamond e-commerce businesses in the US, and the Qing group is the maker of China’s VC rankings.

in addition to a good cash flow, Chen Bin believes that the price is low, good service is another advantage of the nine drilling. According to its disclosure, nine drilling as Belgium / South Africa top diamond wholesalers, skip layers of middlemen links, direct to consumers, with quality diamonds than market prices straight down 30%-50%. "Why can cheaper than others? Mainly different patterns, the traditional shop model has taken a high cost of the line, the implementation of multi door chain stores. Rent, decoration, labor, inventory, management costs and so on are not cheap, often tens of millions of dollars, and nine drilling without this link. In addition, most of the nine customers in the online ordering, users if the online ordering a little not assured, you can also go to experience the store to see. Relatively speaking, this is also an advantage."

exposing online shopping fake diamond shady advocate industry standards

according to Chen Bin said the day before taking part in a jewelry industry conference, nine diamond network launched a jewelry online sales of the industry standard.

in addition, Chen Bin also revealed some shady some criminals leave diamond network. "There are a lot of tricky things here. They usually have two practices. A book is false, the identification certificate must have at least the national standard, the standard, in some areas of standards are not authoritative, our products also support the international standard GIA; two is the use of the concept of the way, such as advertising that a >

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