August 4, 2021

My first pot of gold to the people

remember two years ago, when I saw one of my brothers receiving Google’s checks sent to him, I was sure I could make money online.

so, I also enthusiastically opened a web site, from then on, they really began to contact the network to make money. Since the beginning of contact with web site, at that time do not know anything about SEO, only know the strength to add stuff to your website. A month down, the major search engines are included a lot, but every day brings less pity IP. Later, with the help of the senior, slowly understand, to do SEO site, to stand in the user’s point of view to do web site. Don’t know why, at that time the site of interest is particularly high, every day except eat and sleep, is working on her own website. Later, in my tireless efforts, the site finally pick up, especially let me be excited, the site opened in about a month’s time, just to catch up with the Google PR value update, and I stop the Google PR suddenly rose to 4. I was so happy then.

well, it’s time to advertise on the website. I have applied for an Google Adsense account, and I am very careful to copy the advertising code on my website. That’s why I really started making money online. Very not easy to wait until the account is full of 50USD, but the next process is striking one snag after another PIN code. My first PIN code may be because the address is not written clearly and no echo, then change the address, but also request retransmission, waited more than a month, did not receive the PIN code, and then change the address, then request retransmission. Finally, on a sunny morning, I received the legendary PIN code, and this is two copies. Two copies of PIN code received at the same time, and later checked the two PIN code sent time, actually difference more than a month. Well, the efficiency of the domestic postal service can be imagined. Well, it took three months to complete the PIN code to get the PIN code. There are almost a month later, I finally received the cheque, from the other side of the US$1158.31, a student at the time for me, this is a lot of money, this is my first pot of gold from the Internet to earn.

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