August 5, 2021

What are the principles of Network Entrepreneurship

network entrepreneurship is the choice of many young people, there is no high facade shop costs, thought it would be a lot easier, but I do not know, the Internet must also have an entrepreneurial skills Oh, look at the following!

1. to their own interests, do their most interested in things.

2. from their best place to cut. Yang has long, to avoid their own short.

3. from a simple start, the simpler the better start.

4., the firm’s own beliefs, enhance their confidence, do not always feel something improperly belittle oneself, not as good as people.

5. do not have to consider what a comprehensive plan, long-term plan, where to start where the impulse.

6. said to do it, immediately put the idea into practice, in the dry, gradually determine the direction of development.

7. do not be afraid of their own projects and others crash. In fact, anyone’s project has its shortcomings, your business, starting from the inadequacies of others, in order to do something unconventional".

8. don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is no disgrace. Anyone has failed. Success and greatness are built on failure.

9. at the beginning of the big investment. Network entrepreneurship is not hardware, mainly in the software, the wisdom and diligence of individuals. Money is the basic entrepreneurial skills.

10. to be on the Internet for a long time, familiar with the internet. At least one or more aspects of the Internet to get a thorough understanding of the establishment of the right to speak in that respect.

11. in principle, what the Internet can engage in the project, the key to see how you engage. The Internet is the most creative needs, especially in china.

12. do not chase the so-called "hot" or "unpopular"". Personal entrepreneurship is to show personal characteristics and style, how to do, how to do.

13. to have a protracted war mental preparation and psychological preparation. In particular, to strengthen the faith and confidence of entrepreneurship, trained to eliminate the ability of a variety of interference.

14. multi learning network entrepreneurial success experience. At the same time to be good at summing up their experience and lessons. Good at falling, more adept at climbing!

15. in the network of entrepreneurship in the Polish, pay attention to make like-minded, the ability to complement each other’s friends, do their own career in the future development of the talent team reserves.


as long as you have the above principles, I believe your entrepreneurial path will eventually succeed. Enjoy >

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