August 3, 2021

Retail customers a lot of parties to meet the favorable cigarette sales

is now a lot of people want to do business, but do not know how to market positioning, so as to talk about business to business success? Entrepreneur’s goal is the market, is the vast number of consumers, so do business to understand the market, accurate positioning, for their needs, so as to do a good job in the business.

I think that a successful businessman, not conservative, prison, and be good at change with the change of the market, that is to grasp the initiative, can sensitively detect the changes in the trend of future development before one step ahead, get ready. The development of the times in a step by step changes in the progress of the society every day, consumers’ lifestyles and consumer demand is also quietly changing. Discovery of the new world is the pursuit of success, why not make a person to find one?

my shop is located in the countryside, now is the slack season, the shop business was not very busy, just let me have a lot of time meeting friends. New year’s day just past, a dozen workers of Inner Mongolia folks in the village just go home, they have to work at a construction site in Inner Mongolia, driving a dump truck, concrete operation, although very hard, but a lot of income.


site was shut down, severe winter, they are also home to rest. I spent 500 yuan to buy a second-hand mahjong machine, put in a corner of the shop, business is busy, I called back to work from Inner Mongolia, usually to the store a few young and old man called, we get together to play mahjong, playing cards, contact feelings.

I have to smoke, every time, when the store has a new brand into the purchase, I have to take a smoke, take a look at how to taste, and then recommend to customers. Now, more and more varieties of new cigarette, I dare not blindly buy new products, so when the tobacco companies customer manager to recommend new cigarette, I will each new only one or two, after the arrival of the new, I took out my greeting new cigarette to my shop to play mahjong, drink tea and chat with young and old man, let them to smoke, to feel.

I stood aside to seriously listen to their feelings and opinions, to generally accepted new cigarette, love, again when the order, I’ll buy some time for a long time, I think it is better than my own taste, oral presentation is much better. Have to buy the same grade cigarettes in the village the other villagers, I would kindly pass one, ask them to smoke, as long as they are willing to help the people to smoke, plus in the store to play mahjong on the recommendation of the general, can achieve sales. The slack season, a wide friend, cigarette, can fall a favor, but also conducive to our precise positioning, pick out the recognition of new cigarette brand, sales, I Why not?!

customers in the end like what kind of cigarette products, but by the shopkeeper to sell, often effect >

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