August 3, 2021

Top ten brands of art supplies

art supplies are now in the market has become more and more popular, thus giving birth to this industry is the birth of more and more good brands, thus forming a summary of the ten major brands of fine arts. If you want to buy art supplies, then, you can refer to the following Xiaobian introduced the content of oh.

art supplies ten brands list, NO.1 Marley: national protection of trademarks, well-known trademarks in Shanghai City, China the oldest art paint painting materials and supporting the professional production enterprises, Shanghai Marley industrial painting materials Co. ltd..

art supplies ten brand list NO.2, Windsor · Newton: in 1832, the British COLART brand, ten art supplies brand, one of the world’s largest supplier of art materials, Tianjin Coart Painting Co. ltd..

art supplies ten brand list: Hui Baijia NO.3, was founded in 1761 in Germany, one of Europe’s oldest industrial enterprises, large multinational corporation, German Hui Baijia group, Hui Baijia (Guangzhou) Stationery Co. ltd..

art supplies ten brands list, the NO.4 card: in 1935 in Shanghai, won the Chinese brand, one of the brands of China light industry the most representative and universal pencil manufacturing enterprises, Chinese first pencil co..

art supplies ten brands list NO.5, Sakura: founded in 1921 in Japan, a large multinational group, is committed to pigment / marker pen series of painting production enterprises, Shanghai oriental cherry Stationery Co., ltd..

art supplies ten brands list, NO.6 Phoenix: founded in 1988, Jiangsu famous brand, earlier in the oil / oil painting canvas production enterprises, one of the largest manufacturers of domestic painting materials, Wuxi Phoenix Painting Material Co. ltd..

art supplies ten brands list NO.7, Kang Conda, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo well-known trademark, art supplies industry leading enterprises, the national standard drafting unit of painting materials, Ningbo Kangda art supplies Co. ltd..

art supplies ten brands list NO.8, mark Marco, famous trademark, Shanghai City, Shanghai famous brand, one of the largest manufacturer of wooden pencil, industry well-known brands, iShares Stationery (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd.

art supplies ten brands list NO.9, LAPO blue Perot: Jiangxi province famous trademark, set art paint development / production / sales enterprise, one of the largest art paint processing base, Nanchang blue Perot Pen & Painting Material Co. Ltd. "

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