July 31, 2021

Mobile technology companies in the cafe market capitalization of nearly billion

a unique coffee shop, it is not the sale of coffee drinks, desserts are not food, but to do the Internet mobile health, although not a long time, but now the market value of nearly billion.

the old wooden doors, some slightly dim chandelier, retro small lamp, postcards, the various movie posters, wooden table stuck forget my bottle, the corner of the guitar, keyboard, the whole house floated the thick coffee, from time to time, the wind that Suihua curtains, revealing a half Chaoyang face, abnormal glare……

walked into the door, inside the "customer" drawing gas to tell you: I’m sorry, we are not open to the public.

never open cafe

this shape of the coffee company, named little love technology.

cafe are there to service the company’s employees, not open for business. It is understood that employees have a cup of free drinks a day, in addition to the price of the purchase of drinks is thirty percent off of the original price.

said that investment is a knowledge, angel investment is the most deep philosophy, to judge people firmly, judgment mode.

venture fail repeatedly

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