July 31, 2021

Longyan online shopping information leakage investigation

in our life in the emergence of the Internet provides great convenience for our life, online shopping has become a basic way for us to go shopping, but when shopping on the Internet there are also risks, such as disclosure of their information, which people want to use. At the end of September, the Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant for the 10 major telecom network fraud fugitives, among them, the criminal suspect Xie and Xie Jianhai from Fujian Longyan District of Xinluo. September 29th, the two have been arrested.

in October last year, due to the prominent problem of local online shopping fraud crime, Xinluo district was listed as one of the country’s first regional professional telecommunications fraud 7 key areas of remediation. Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official in an interview with Xinhua viewpoint reporter, said that after a strong crackdown remediation, Xinluo and other key areas of crime has been a downward trend, dens began to move outward.

The three

brothers overnight rich cover 4 floors, "suddenly have money" a lot of young people

reporter learned in Xinluo District, the town is the hardest hit online shopping fraud. In recent years, the incidence of the situation, the online shopping fraud is mainly concentrated in the middle of the town, two public security class a wanted from this place.

9 on 29 May, Xie Jia an in the middle of the village was arrested by public security organs. According to the Ministry of public security bulletin information, October 2014, Longyan police in the investigation with the telecommunications network fraud process, found the suspected Xie online shopping fraud Gang transfers money laundering, involving more than 2000 yuan.

on the same day, Xie Jianhai surrendered to the public security organs in Xiamen. June 2nd of this year, Jiangsu City, Changzhou, involving 5 million yuan of telecommunications fraud occurred, Xie Jianhai has a major suspect. The public security organs at the same time, Xie Jianhai suspected of colluding with others for telecommunications network fraud Gang transfer money laundering, involving more than 100 million yuan in 1.

it is understood that Xie Jia An, Xie Jianhai are 80, junior high school education, no fixed occupation, idle. But around 2013, they suddenly became rich.

10 12, the reporter went to the middle of the town in the village of Xie Jia settled. This is a 4 story building was built in 2013, is located opposite the village committee, the walls painted champagne, each floor area of about 200 square meters, the installation of large windows and anti-theft network. Compared with the surrounding exposed concrete walls of the building, it is quite impressive.

Xie Jia settled 3 brothers have married, living in the same building, each floor. Lin Yun, Secretary of the village Party branch in the village, said Xie Jia’s two brothers in the middle of the town before running transport, home security after graduating from junior high school to go out to discuss life. In 2013 and in 2015, thanks to the installation of two brothers

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