July 31, 2021

Market analysis millet success can threaten apple

today, mobile phone do hunger marketing, millet is one of the most incisive method using the mobile phone brand, some people say millet is Apple’s largest market in China enemy, while others think that millet and apple compared to mention.


10 hours ago, foreign media FastCompany and BGR have released two diametrically opposed positions of the article, the former think millet is Apple’s largest market in Chinese threat, while the latter objected that the millet in front of the apple can not afford to turn the waves.

however because of licensing issues, the main business of millet also did not enter the developed countries, especially the influence of the European market market benchmark. According to research firm IDC data, in the Chinese market, millet has sat on the throne of third mobile phone sales, second only to Samsung and apple.

for such a "market miracle", the media a little difference is too normal, so we now have to discuss a simple comb the two foreign media millet can replace Apple issues.

however, despite these infamy and prejudice, but FastCompany pointed out that millet marketing strategy is the key to success. And millet in the new hand recommended

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