July 31, 2021

How to choose a small supermarket

operating a store of their own, operating their own business, store location is critical, store location is very important. So want to run a small supermarket, how to choose? How to start a business? How to make a profit? The following Xiaobian for everyone to collect a lot of information on how to choose a small supermarket!

the site to remember, "is", will the store location in the stream match gathering business district, although there will be rent, competition pressure confusion, but compared to the range of shops gathered, but is conducive to the popularity of the heap, do not worry because they will shop in remote area, the results can only be penny wise and pound. Business district is the key to the so-called " " refers to the location of the shop as the center, extending to a certain interval around the circular consumption area.

The sale of

values usually include three types: the first is located in the center of regional commercial city, the local business was flourishing, because   higher visibility, it can attract different regions, different levels of consumption; second usually refers to the regional business office or the Development Zone, it is the object of the right the young family standing on the cusp of fashion on the third;   mainly distributed in large and medium-sized neighboring communities, the population is the main alignment in the community residents.


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