July 31, 2021

Ningbo Ninghai rural electricity providers will hold a special job fairs

The development of

e-commerce has been gradually deepening China’s rural areas. Ningbo Ninghai county to promote the development of local rural electricity supplier, held a special job fairs to help the relevant units and job seekers to get the ideal pairing.

The employer and the job with the


A, fair

2016 February 25th (1st lunar month eighteen), 8:00-11:30

two, recruitment site

three, booth reservation

1, online booking: Ninghai employment network online booking platform, and in the employment report – the name of the unit remarks electricity supplier".

2, on-site booking: employment recruitment window (International Convention and Exhibition Center, North building, two floor office hall)

3, appointment appointment: township (street) social security and public employment service center

four, "labor return" download

Ninghai employment net "download" column, upload email receipt.

five, telephone (fax)

65582346  59979531

two, 16 February 15th

in addition to recruitment, the country also carried out included a number of training, guidance, seminars and other ways to support activities, improve the rural people engaged in e-commerce enthusiasm, laid the foundation for the transformation of rural industry development.

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