July 31, 2021

After 80 years of entrepreneurial success 9 years after returning to his alma mater

entrepreneurs in the school is numerous, but few people can be less successful introduction. Zhongshan, a 80 entrepreneurs after the second venture to succeed, and create a brand, after 9 years can not stand, the industry bigger and bigger. Has become a success not forget Wu Lianxing back to his alma mater, to give more people to share his entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial achievements.

from sophomore started, "after 85" Wu Lian Xing in 9 years time, realize their entrepreneurial dreams, from the original development of a storefront, to 63  in Zhongshan city and outside the stores. The morning of January 30th, the 2004  high school in the city of a year; the graduates to return to his alma mater, in the winter vacation before and Shidishimei to share their reading, entrepreneurial experience, and presented a value of 520 thousand yuan of "nine core" water purification equipment to Alma mater.

– 30 thousand yuan venture 9 years opened 63 branches

1 30, the high school gymnasium in the city within the day high school students All seats are occupied., holidays, and in their home near the school, specially invited their brother – Zhongshan City nine core environmental protection science and technology limited company general manager Wu Lianxing, let him share learning, entrepreneurial experience and young teacher sisters.

", Licheng, Li, to learn", a motto in Wu Lianxing learning, entrepreneurship, has inspired him to continue moving forward. He also encouraged Shidishimei, to have a great aim, and the correct learning attitude, constantly toward their dreams.

– giving their alma mater the brand water purification equipment

once went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, Wu Lian Xing saw the school in a corner of a water purification equipment, it is designed a graduate student at the school, after giving thanks to the school school, let him have the opportunity to the color of life. Wu Lian Xing was deeply moved in front of the Department of water purification equipment behind the story, hope it will create the "nine core" of water purification equipment, donated to his alma mater, in high school. In January this year, Wu will arrange the staff recommended

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