August 1, 2021

Hefei Wanda Plaza where to stay in Hefei

Wanda Plaza as an economic complex, a Wanda Plaza is fully equipped to bring great convenience to people’s lives, but also to promote economic development and prosperity in the region. At the same time, according to insiders broke the news, Wanda focus of the second half of the contents of the contents of the outflow, which, including the plan will be in Hefei, Luyang, Feidong, Nanchang, Wuxi, Suzhou, the format are heavy assets. According to legend, Wanda is likely to be stationed in the region of the North Luyang five wells.

The main products

Wanda Commercial real estate is a city complex, this model is the product of the construction of a large Wanda Plaza, next to supporting the construction of office buildings, shops and residential, the supporting property sales, sales with cash flow from investments held Wanda plaza.

it is reported that the "assets" refers to the Wanda Plaza after the completion of their holdings of business, all rental income to Wanda; "light asset" refers to the investment in the construction of Wanda Plaza, Wanda is responsible for all the funds of others, site selection, design and construction, investment and management, the use of global brands and Wanda Wanda Plaza original business the information management system, "Vivien" rental income and investment Wanda produced divided by a certain percentage.

Wanda in Hefei and has been in the construction of the project

Baohe Wanda Plaza is located in Wuhu road and Saddle Road junction, the total construction area of about 704 thousand square meters, in December 24, 2010 officially opened. Including Wanda Commercial Complex, Wanda Westin Grand Vancouver Hotel, along the river street bar, Baohe street, Wanda Wanda mansion, 5A class office building and city public space. At present, the five main stores: Hefei Wanda Plaza International Shopping Center, the Westin Hotel in the five star, Wanda studios, Gome and the Hefei star restaurant, etc..

Swan Lake Wanda Plaza is located in the center of the government district, is a landmark building in Hefei. According to Huaining East Road and Hefei Municipal People’s Government across the street, south of the city main road (East Ring Road), West to the north high poly Yun Road, river road. Surrounding the distribution of the municipal government and a number of municipal units, surrounded by more than 100 large residential areas, with a large number of Olympic venues, such as the Olympic center. High office buildings. Check office atmosphere strong and has a large number of resident population, near the Swan lake.

Yaohai Wanda Plaza is located in Yaohai District, and county road and road intersection on both sides of things, the total construction area of about 720 thousand square meters, with Wanda city complex concept planning, financial set up international shopping center, high-end residential, office buildings, outdoor pedestrian street, the four major formats.

Wanda Mao is located in the New District of Binhu Wanda text brigade, 188 thousand large shopping center, is the main axis of cultural tourism, divided into 4 layers, the ground floor and the ground floor, a total of 229 recommended