August 4, 2021

Sunshine is one of the 7 women entrepreneurs in 2015 the provincial women’s entrepreneurship subsidi

in the current market economy conditions, suitable for female entrepreneurs have a lot of entrepreneurial projects, female compatriots can get unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities. And all kinds of social entrepreneurship subsidies for women also provide important help for entrepreneurs.

better support for women entrepreneurship employment work, Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued "on the declaration of the 2015 women’s business discount funds notice", continue to founder on the part of women, with a demonstration effect to promote employment and entrepreneurship enterprises reporting provincial subsidized support. Focus on supporting the "dual power" (i.e., strong impetus to the industry, employment with power), priority to support agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, family farm, farmhouse, handicraft enterprises, "big sister" family service organizations such as the women’s enterprises.

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