August 5, 2021

Three entrepreneurs for college graduates doubt entrepreneurial confusion

college students are always easy to fall into a state of confusion, fear of walking the wrong way, worry about no experience, worry no network…… According to statistics, the proportion of college graduates choose to start their own businesses in about 2.9%, of which more than half of the people in a few years to give up the business, college students really difficult to start it?

after three years

released by Mycos Research Institute of the graduate employment blue book said, people entrepreneurship of college graduates in 2011, three years later still adhere to the entrepreneurial ratio of 47.5%, compared with the previous 43.3% increased obviously, the proportion is 44.8% in the undergraduate, vocational 48.9%. The report believes that from the trend of the last three years can be seen, the proportion of college graduates to start their own businesses showed a sustained and a larger upward trend.

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