August 3, 2021

The secret to tell you what the marketing business

marketing has always been a difficult problem, because the object is the consumer, is a thoughtful person. Consumers want to thoroughly understand the idea of all sorts of strange things, it is not possible. As a service provider, you have to try to do something to satisfy the customer is enough. Because man is a rational animal. Most of the food and beverage industry put forward a concept called: a never mentioned food marketing secrets. What is the secret?

The biggest advantage of

interactive marketing is that you don’t need to impress your customers through copywriting or activities, but to attract your fans and your customers to take the initiative to participate.

we must remember that this is the core point, I repeat once again: the core of this thing is, all the activities we do, the purpose of marketing is not immediately to impress customers, allow customers to buy, go to recharge, to take to your point of view, I have to do is to to attract customers, and customer interaction, let’s take the initiative to participate.

through constant interaction, so that customers have a sense of participation, let him think you are fun to play with you.

when a customer and you become good friends, become an interactive game partner, become a partner, when we play together, will imperceptibly become good friends, eventually, to reach a mutually beneficial result.

for example, ultimately, customers pay, and prepaid cards, and the cards, you don’t need to sacrifice much discount, also do not need to buy 100 to send fifty, buy 100 is charge 100, is not free, the customer is willing to accept, because he love you, he would like to go to the consumer from you to play here you are, 100 dollars, how much to send no problem, this is not the core problem.

there are too many food and beverage companies are often confused, confusing the purpose, they always feel that when I charge 100 to send the time of three hundred, the customer will flock, but this situation will not happen.

the more you charge, the more afraid the customer, when you rush to send 1000 of the time, the customer will think that this guy is not immediately after the money to get off on foot.

to do real marketing is not free, nor to do promotions, discounts, those activities and marketing is not 10 Fen, but this is often some of the puppet masters, brick house, to cheat you.

recently as the circle of friends forwarded very much, let everyone free, this free discount to attract tourists, this method is very old, many of our users, are useful in the actual operation process.

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