August 3, 2021

How to find a micro shop

as long as the sale of physical products, it is necessary to have a stable supply, so as to allow the business of the store to get better development. However, how to find a micro shop supply? We have said earlier, micro shop owner can sell their own goods, but also to sell other people’s products, the two methods are able to earn money. The former is to make a profit, the latter is to earn commission.

so sell other people’s products how to find sources?

micro shop platform has a single set of features – wholesale market. You do not know where the purchase does not matter, do not want to hand inventory does not matter, the wholesale market to help you get all the. You can not only look for a large number of wholesale markets in favor of goods, you do not need to come up with real money, but also from the commodity delivery and after-sales service, the wholesale market businesses can help you get.

to pocket shopping, for example, the path to the wholesale market is as follows.

(1) open pocket shopping micro shop APP home page, turn to the second, you will see a "seller’s market" icon.

(2) click on the seller’s market". After entering the page, you will see the three plates, including the wholesale market, forwarding into and near the micro shop. In the wholesale market, there are six words: no source, see here, its role is self-evident.

(3) Click wholesale market". After entering, you will see the sale of all kinds of goods shop, where goods category complete, everything, you can enjoy looking for their favorite suppliers and goods.

(4) to find their interested suppliers, click to enter, you can see all the goods displayed in a variety of shops.

(5) click on the selected goods, will enter the details of the product page, see the details of the goods.

when you intend to add a product, you can click on the bottom right corner of the commodity details page contact seller button, and business exchanges and cooperation, but also allows the other to provide you with the picture of the goods. Product details page also has pictures and other details of the goods, their own screenshots to add to the micro shop can also be, but the effect of manual screenshot of the image is relatively poor, the definition is not as good as the supplier to provide pictures.

in this way to introduce the "wholesale market" another function – "I have a source" (the top right corner of the page). If you have the ability to bulk shipments, but also want to enter the wholesale market, or want to recruit agents, you can use it to become pocket shopping micro shop platform, a member of the wholesale market. Click on this button and you will be in the "wholesale market".


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