August 1, 2021

Nearly 30% children’s products failed Shijiazhuang quality inspection department weapon

children’s resistance is weak, so parents are particularly cautious in the purchase of children’s products, but still can not avoid the market poor quality children’s supplies rampant. Not long ago, the Shijiazhuang industrial and commercial departments of the children’s supplies to do a random sampling, found that the high rate of failure, to remind everyone to buy to grasp the method.

sampling failure rate of nearly 30% children’s products

the unqualified commodity city, Industrial and Commercial Bureau has ordered the relevant operators to take off the shelf, storage, sales and other measures to stop immediately. On the operation of substandard goods have been detected investigation, is being processed.


will need to pay attention to the following points: children in the purchase of the cart to see applicable age cart label, this is important information for consumers to buy and use safety. Two to see if the cart is equipped with a brake device, if the product does not provide braking or braking device performance is not enough, will lead to the use of carts may slip away, there is harm to children.

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