August 1, 2021

Tianjin precision entrepreneurial training camp officially opened

Chinese college students entrepreneurial success rate is relatively low, which greatly restricts the majority of students to create their own strength. Many students create a client in terms of entrepreneurship is also a lack of systematic training and knowledge, let us go into today’s precision entrepreneurial training camp, here to see how entrepreneurs start learning entrepreneurship.

12 12, by the media group tonight "tonight Economic Weekly", the Tencent public record space (Tianjin) and central business district Jiabao Trade Development Bureau jointly organized Lei to enterprise management (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. hosted the precise entrepreneurial training camp officially commenced. More than a hundred college students from all walks of life in Tianjin, a special trip to the fort Tencent located in the public space (Tianjin), feel the new way of thinking brought about by training camp.

tonight newspaper editor Li Xian in the training camp starting ceremony and announced the commencement. Li Xian said: "tonight Economic Weekly" will create the space and the Tencent (Tianjin) continued cooperation, create new synchronization of public entrepreneurship in the Internet online and offline, for the country to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to provide intellectual support, leading to innovation entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create jobs, promote college graduates of higher quality employment.

"editor tonight Economic Weekly" Liu Qiang for student entrepreneurs and wish the sent message to the precise training camp was held successfully. He said the passion for college students are very enthusiastic, but also look forward to the young entrepreneurs to the road twists and turns and the difficulties of the future are more prepared to persevere to success. ‘precision’ two words, representing less detours. Our college students and the European and American entrepreneurs, the start may be too late, so there is not so much time to withstand numerous failures, the practice you should be more accurate, more accurate. I hope this training camp can let the students have a harvest, can get the appropriate guidance, support and impetus."

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