August 4, 2021

n the grass root down how to counter attack for business chiefs

seems to be the only on the famous university personnel have the opportunity to become a successful person, become a promising people in the eyes of the people, this is Chinese bias. There are a lot of no college grass root low education can become wealthy achieve success and win recognition for you, please look down.

Zong Qinghou

: the first half business celebrity story frustrated 42 year old started

1963 years, after graduating from junior high school, in order to reduce the burden on the family, Zong Qinghou went to Zhoushan on a farm, a tea plantation was removed in Shaoxing after a few years. Later, a large number of educated youth have gone to the countryside, Zong can be said to be educated in advance of the staff.

on the beach digging salt, salt, pick the salt in the tea plantation, cut rice, kiln, Zong then like any other, and a young man " had all kinds of dreams in my head, " " always want to rise head and shoulders above others always wanted to do something ". However, in the forgotten fate of the country, Zong Qinghou is a full 15 years to stay. The only way to escape the grey life is to look for some books.

1978, with a large number of educated youth back to the city, the 33 year old Zong Qinghou returned to Hangzhou, a salesman in the school factory, 10 years removed in several enterprises, still frustrated. By the time he started his business, he was already a 42 year old silent middle-aged man.

2012 September 3rd, Wahaha spokesman said Zong holds more than 80% stake in Wahaha, net worth rose to $11 billion 600 million, the richest man in mainland china.

Niu Gensheng

story: "business celebrity sold" cowboy entrepreneurs built Mengniu

Niu Gensheng, founder of

Mengniu Dairy Group, was born in Hohhot in January 25, 1958. Shortly after birth, forced by life, the parents were sold to foster parents. According to Niu Gensheng personally describe " because can not afford to eat, his father asked me to sell 50 dollars. " raised by adoptive mother for 14 years.

, who worked in 1978, became a cattle worker. In 1983 to enter the dairy factory, from the grass-roots stem, until the production and operation of the Erie group vice president (also a member of the founding team of Erie), to become " Chinese ice cream king "; in 1999 left erie.

1999, Niu Gensheng founded Mengniu, after 8 years to become the world’s Mengniu liquid milk champion, China dairy champion.

The story of Zhang Yong

business celebrity: Welders build " sea fishing " Dili Jian

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