August 3, 2021

How about opening a sock shop How to open

socks are necessities of life, people used to think of socks in the article, and now can be different, the pursuit of fashion consumers also see the role of socks, the use of it to create decorative highlights. What about opening a sock shop now? Is there any investment prospects? Many franchisees are very interested in this project.

A, monopoly problem

you do monopoly you will encounter many problems, although the gross profit margin is not high but the season is wrong, 9-3 month is the peak season and off-season. Usually the existing socks store is lower and the goods with good goods by manufacturers! Simple procurement certainly can not guarantee the quality and product phase, thus violating your brand strategy, and suppliers now store competition is also very powerful, the price and goods are very rich. Unless you choose a good area, otherwise it will be great pressure.

two, the issue of purchase channels

Suggest that investors do not choose

three, the market demand of

Why do you want to open the

sock shop?

for men, socks are not so complicated, summer wear thin socks or stockings, spring and autumn and winter wear cotton socks, however, playing football or basketball boys need to be equipped with several pairs of sports socks, even in summer, wearing shorts and sneakers boys collocation a pair of white socks, in addition to sweat it can show a sense of movement.

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