August 5, 2021

How to do a good job in the clothing store

often go to the clothing store consumers must be concerned about the store’s clothing display, a lot of store display is no way to make the consumer experience is not good, so that the display is a failure. How to open a clothing store to do a good job on display? Many franchisees to share their experience, a look at it.

(2) often transform clothing store business is popular fashion goods, each scratched a gust of wind, the appearance of fashion shop should take on an altogether new aspect. If the goods do not change too much, you can do some changes in the display, furnishings, decoration, the same can make the shop for a new face, so as to attract customers to. With the exception of

(6) against the law to do some decoration decorative foil in the clothing store, clothing products can strengthen the artistic theme, left a deep impression to customers. Such as children’s clothing store painted on the walls of some interesting patterns, put a bunch of flowers in couples dress nearby, in the high-grade fur clothing store of an animal specimen. Decoration method must not be against the overwhelming clerk must be clear about what they sell, so customers will ask "how much money this bunch of flowers, and" will be recommended

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