July 31, 2021

Using the nternet to upgrade the new medical model software to solve the problem of difficult to se

excellent entrepreneurial ideas, must be able to meet the urgent needs of the public good ideas. Sichuan 10 medical doctors from a professional point of view, pay attention to the difficult to see a doctor expensive social phenomenon, the use of innovative technology to solve the problem of people’s livelihood.

"1/3 of patients reduce medical expenses, at the same time, increase the millions of doctor", Wu Gang from Changchun returned to Chengdu, the day before, where his team won the gold medal in the first China "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition national finals, Wu Gang to a major leadership on the work of the State Council, with his entrepreneurial team the project calculations, a pen in his view to change the status quo of medical China account.

"can help people in remote areas difficult to see a doctor, the doctor at the grassroots level low level of business problems," Wu Gang from the Sichuan University Huaxi second hospital, medical tour in many remote areas of support, the tough road, he often think they can play a greater role.

2014 at the end of the year, Wu Gang will pay for the practice of their own ideas, he combined 10 MD and his two classmates came to do the Internet technology in a rental house began to explore and use the Internet this tool, and make use of all patients flow pieces of time. Especially in the 2015 national NPC and CPPCC Chinese, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report, the first mention of the "Internet plus", make the concept first included in the top-level design of the national economy, which makes "happy medicine", convinced that the Internet can change the medical team.

"China patients are often not accurate when the transportation, accommodation, medical cost occupies the cost in patients with treatment of 1/3, this figure is very terrible," Wu Gang is the heart of a bill, he said that patients outside the hospital expenses often is an important cause of "expensive". But people often ignore this point. Think of patients in remote areas difficult to seek medical treatment, Wu Gang more worried.

idea in the brain, the implementation in the desk, and the results presented on the Internet, "Lele doctor" team set the doctor and programmer, a module corresponds to a network application implementation. Between doctors and doctors, the various departments of the required modules are different, the doctor and the programmer, the idea and the specific implementation of different, the exchange will inevitably collide, but we still do a unified. After the project appeared embryonic landing, they rely on Sichuan University West China Hospital, Sichuan University Huaxi second hospital resources were successfully recommended

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